Shipping Policy

Where is the order shipped from?

Usually, it is shipped from China. Some items are shipped locally by the carrier.
Our designer buyers carefully select all items sold in our store. Make sure you can buy high-quality products.

When will send out the order?

Mostly, complete the shipment process in 3 business days.
In case of legal holidays, it may be delayed including the holiday time.
Please pay attention to check our store notice.

Is shipping free? How to charge postage?

Shipping is free in Hong Kong.
We charge a flat rate of $9.78 for shipping. We charge a flat rate of $9.78 for shipping to the following areas: Europe,
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
. Other than that, we charge $5.32.
We offer free shipping on orders over $299.

What type of shipping is offered? And what is the shipping time?

We provide standard international express transportation, and the express delivery will be delivered by the local carrier when it reaches the destination country. The reference time limit is as follows:
Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan: 3–9 days
Rest of Asia: 7–13 days
Europe: 5–12 days
United States: 10–15 days
Canada: 10–15 days

South America: 15–25 days
Australia: 8–15 days
New Zealand: 8–15 days
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates: 8–15 days
Other regions: 15–30 days

*Due to force majeure factors, the specific time limit is subject to the actual transportation time.

Why is there no tracking information after shipment?

We use our own delivery model. The best carrier will be selected to process your order.
Once the carrier receives your item, we will email your order updates.
When you receive a tracking number, it usually takes 48 hours to display a detailed tracking message. You can check the tracking status on the “Track My Order” page.

Who will bear the customs duties of the destination country?

We only cover the sales tax of the order destination country, not the import duties of the order destination country.

If you have questions, you can contact us at: [email protected]

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